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Good stuff

5 stars for the opening song alone

All Eyez and ears should be on this Podcast

Good show guys! Hey, but when I listened to your show headed into the Washington game you mentioned you wanted see us go 2-2. Did I miss a game 🤣. Loving the podcasts. Keep up the good work. You’re very entertaining and enlightening!

Fairly New Listener

I’m only listen to your podcast for about three weeks now, but I have really enjoyed the interviews and different guests.Keep up the great work.As a sidenote I really enjoy the written content on Brownswire as well.

Unique content and interesting guests

Brad Ward’s podcast is not only unique among Browns podcasts for its topics which can be very deep for even the most rabid fan, it’s also easy enough to understand for casual or newer Browns fan. Brad often brings interesting guests aboard that sometimes disagree with the host, which often is not t…

Michael Smith

Always keeps the energy and great content!