Ken Carman, Host of 'The Ken Carman Show' on 92.3 The Fan CBS Radio, joins the show to discuss the potential upcoming extension decisions facing the Cleveland Browns as well as what his expectations for this team and some of it's players are in 2021. Plus much more...

0:00 Show Lead-In
1:33 Host Intro
2:50 Guest Ken Carman Intro
4:04 Baker Mayfield
12:14 Nick Chubb Extension?
16:53 Denzel Ward Extension?
18:23 Wyatt Teller's future?
23:40 Will OBJ 's return affect Baker's game?
25:53 Can DPJ be a legit #2 WR?
26:09 Last Question for Ken Carman
31:06 Browns/Show New & Notes
35:48 Outro